Is your wireless signal driving you to distraction? Do you experience regular dropouts or dead spots in your home or office? Or do you have a problem with your wireless reaching certain parts of your house? We can help!

WiFi heatmaps are a visualization of how far your WiFi signal reaches.

WiFi heatmaps are a visualization of how far your WiFi signal reaches.

With more and more devices requiring a good wifi signal to work correctly, such as Smart TVs, Speakers, Doorbells, and Wireless Camera Systems, not to mention Tablets, and Laptops, it’s no wonder your provider-supplied router might not be up to scratch.

Site Survey

Routers can be quite complicated, and sometimes can have settings implemented by default which do not take advantage of the full potential of your router. If you believe this may be the case, we offer site surveys, where an engineer can come to you to do a survey of your home network, identify any interference/issues, and design a solution. This may include better placement of your router, installing Powerline wireless adapters, or enabling less congested bands.



Often, internet issues can arise due to the WiFi signal not reaching far enough from your router. If you’re experiencing this, or other errors with your router, we can help. We offer call-out services, where we are able to come to you in order to diagnose and find a solution to your issue. Should you need a replacement router, we stock a wide range of routers, and other accessories that may help to fix your problem.

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Sometimes your wireless signal isn’t strong enough to reach all of your devices. In this case, accessories for your wireless network can be installed to improve this. WiFi and Ethernet extenders, for example, allow you to reach areas of your house or office that previously received a weak signal. We also stock other WiFi accessories such as Ethernet switches, which serve to extend the amount of Ethernet ports available from your router.

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Signal Boosters & Range Extenders

Improving your signal around the home has never been easier! There’s a range of signal booster and range extenders to choose from. Signal boosters use the existing WiFi signal in your home and repeat this signal using powerful amplifiers. They can cover up to twice the range of a stand alone router, and single can even be bought separately and added to existing set ups for an even bigger WiFi range.

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Mesh Networks

This is a network of interlocked routers called nodes, they work with one another allowing for internet coverage over a vast area. Each router in the system is able to provide a signal but it is still a single network, this gives the connection better coverage covering city blocks with no problem.


Powerline Ethernet

Ethernet is always a better way to connect you devices, its a faster and more reliable connection however if your PC is in a different room it can be a task to get a long enough cable and run it through your house or business, this is where powerline Ethernet comes in handy. Like a signal booster it boosts your Ethernet connection however it uses your mains circuit to transfer an Ethernet connection to another plug in your house.

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