We always have a great selection of laptops in stock, and ready to take away - usually starting from only £199!

Whether you’re looking for something for internet browsing, email & social media, or a gaming power-house, our friendly technicians can help guide you through your purchase.

We continuously monitor the deals with our suppliers to make sure we always have the best value laptops on offer and stock all the major brands including HP, Lenovo, Acer, & Dell.

As deals and stock are changing regularly, it’s impossible for us to keep them listed on the website, so keep your eye on our social media posts, call us on 01543 624500, or drop by our store to find out about our latest deals!

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Special Order

With such a huge range and styles of laptops on the market, we can only stock the most popular. If we don’t have something that exactly matches your requirements, we’re confident our suppliers will have! We’ll happily order laptops in for next day delivery to make sure you get the perfect machine.

In-store Setup

In-store Setup being performed by one of our technicians

In-store Setup being performed by one of our technicians

Setting up a laptop can be a time-consuming, and sometimes daunting task. Why not let one of our experts set your laptop up for you, so when you get it home it’s good to go?

As part of our in-store setup service we:

  • Install the latest operating system updates

  • Install up-to-date device drivers

  • Remove any ‘bloatware’ - software pre-loaded by manufacturers that can slow down your computer.

  • Install your Internet Security or AntiVirus Software

  • Set up your e-mail client to collect your emails if required

When you get your new laptop home, all you need to do is connect to your Wi-Fi, and add your printer if you have one.

Data Transfer

Want a new laptop, but are put off by having to move all your existing data? Why not let us do it for you. Our experts can transfer everything from your precious photographs, to important documents and spreadsheets.

Home Start

We also offer a call-out service, where we can come out to your place of residence and set up your brand new machine with your home Wireless network, printer & scanner devices, as well as other peripherals that need to be installed.

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Secure & Supercharge

To get the best out of your laptop we offer a supercharge upgrade, which replaces the current drive in the laptop to a Solid State Drive. Solid State Drives (also known as SSDs) greatly improve the overall speed of the laptop, from boot times to data transfers. The drive that is removed from the laptop will be turned into a external drive so you can back up all your data. We also provide a Secure package, this includes installation and set up of Bullguard Internet Security to protect your computer from Viruses and Malware and 100gb of cloud backup storage, allowing you to access your data from any device. Both of these packages include and in-store setup so we can get the laptop setup with all the software needed so its ready to use when you get it home.


Microsoft Office

Needing Microsoft Word, Excel, or Outlook for your new machine? You’ll need Microsoft Office!

As any version prior to Microsoft Office 2013 is incompatible with Windows 10, a new version will need to be purchased. We always keep the latest versions in stock, including outright purchase, and subscription - from only £69.99!

Internet Security

At Burntwood Computer Centre, we highly recommend every laptop has AntiVirus installed, in order to allow for safe and secure usage of the internet.

Burntwood Computer Centre recommends Bullguard Internet Security, a highly reliable, efficient and great-value package which provides exceptional security to the machine - from only £29.99!

Available with an extra 2 months FREE when you choose to have our technicians set up BullGuard for you!

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BullGuard Internet Security from £29.99

Office Packages starting from just £69.99


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