Virus Removal

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Burntwood Computer Centre offer expert removal of Computer Viruses, Malware & Spyware. We can also advise on how to guard against Ransomware, and help you recover from an attack.

Viruses can make their way onto your system in many different ways, one of the most common is via emails from people claiming to be companies, and they can be very hard to spot. If you feel like you've come across one of these emails or you're having a lot of pop ups on browsers, drop your computer down to our workshop and we’ll get to work on tracking them down.

No matter how careful you are, or how strong your AntiVirus software, it can be easy to fall foul of rogue software. We are experts at tackling and removing these infections, whilst keeping your important data intact.

What is malware?

Malware is a piece of software that was written to do harm, this includes things like viruses and spyware.

There are many different types of malware and they all have different effects on your computer, some more damaging than others, below is a list of common software and what they can do.


Generally this type of malware isn’t malicious, but it can cause uncontrollable popups on your computer and can make it very hard to navigate around. However the pop ups that this causes can lead to other pieces of malware finding their way onto your computer.


This kind of malware is common and is probably the most scary to come across. Usually you get a pop up with sounds and flashing lights and messages threatening to erase everything unless money is payed to the owner of the malware. This is a scare tactic and generally your computer wasn’t going to loose any data but there is still a risk. The best thing to do is turn off your computer and get it removes as soon as possible.


As the name suggests this type spies on exactly what you’re doing, in most cases it tries to get information from online banking or emails, it can be very risky if this finds its way onto your computer. If you feel like this is on your PC it’s best to not use your device until a proper scan is ran and the risk has been removed.


Think you’re installing the correct software? If it’s not from a legitimate source it could be a Trojan. This type of malware disguises itself as legitimate software making it very hard to spot, in some cases it could be legitimate software that has been altered to do damage to your computer. Sometimes it’s very hard to catch and generally creates “backdoors” in our system to let other malware through.


This type of malware does exacly what the name means, the infected file gets into your system and then starts to infect other files, they can spread all over your computer and even to the main windows files where it can do extreme damage. If a virus is left to spread they can delete or corrupt files which then are inaccessible or corrupt.


They use networks either local or across the internet, it uses each machine as a “path” to go on an infect other machines.


BullGuard Internet Security

Burntwood Computer Centre recommends BullGuard.

We regularly evaluate the latest AntiVirus & Internet Security products from all the reputable vendors. Based upon a combination of price, detection rates and performance we are happy to recommend BullGuard to our customers. It continues to provide excellent protection without slowing down your PC.

BullGuard has won many awards for it’s amazing security protecting people all around the world. Its won awards from AV-Comparatives for both amazing performance and their malware protection, as well as their 100% real world protection.


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