Health Check

Like most things, computers work better when they’re maintained. A regular health check on your computer can give you peace of mind, and present an opportunity to find out what can be done to keep it in tiptop condition.

Internet Security & AntiVirus

Internet Security/Antivirus is one the most important pieces of software to have on your PC, without this malicious malware can get through along with bloatware. It’s common for people to get a free antivirus, but what they don’t realise is they’re getting the bare minimum and their computer is hardly protected. We recommend BullGuard Internet Security, this is a great piece of Antivirus at a great price. At just £29.99 you get all the best protection at all times.

Malware & Redundant Files

We have specialised software tools, which will check your machine for viruses & malware, and well as identifying redundant temporary files. Removing these can help speed things up and regain lost space. Redundant files are almost impossible to avoid when using a PC, so make sure to book your machine in for a health check regularly, (at least once a year, with more regular health-checks suggested the more you use your machine).

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Drive Test

One of the key things we test for is signs of Hard Disk failure. A standard Hard Disk has moving parts, and is usually one of the first components to show signs of wear. A failed drive can compromise your data, and cause the machine to run incorrectly. A common symptom of this is gradual slowing-down of the machine, as well as Windows blue-screens and longer boot-up times.

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