Cloud Backup

Nowadays, the cloud is becoming almost as widespread as physical storage options. Generally, if you have either an Android or Apple Mobile Phone, you are either utilising Apple’s iCloud, or Google’s Drive, and you may not even know it! These services are used to save physical storage space, as well as to automatically back up your data, so should any damage happen to your physical storage, nothing in the cloud will be affected.

To safeguard against data loss, Burntwood Computer Centre recommend backing your data up to the cloud for easy retrieval.

Backup Plans

Personal Package

100gb Cloud Storage

1 User

3 Computers

3 Tablets & Mobiles

£49.99 per year

Professional Package

500gb Cloud Storage

3 Users

9 Computers

6 Tablets & Mobiles

£89.99 per year

Professional+ Package

1000gb Cloud Storage

5 Users

15 Computers

Unlimited Tablets & Mobiles

£139.99 per year

Setup fee: £29.99

Have our technicians personalise your automated cloud backup! Pick and choose what files are backed up, and how often you’d

like the backup to run. Our technicians will be happy to customise the program to your needs.


What is the cloud?

The Cloud refers to your data being stored on the internet rather than locally on your PC. They’re easily accessible through web browsers and some also have software that can be installed on your computer or apps for mobile devices. There are many advantages to using The Cloud, you’re able to access information on any device as long as there’s an internet connection. You can edit a document on your phone then continue from another device, with your permission it even allows others to work and collaborate on the same documents. The cloud also acts as a backup drive, allowing you to store important documents and photos safely without the risk of hard drive failure, it’s always better to have multiple backups and unlike an external hard drive you can access edit and even add files from anywhere.


When selecting our cloud storage partner, our priority was to make sure our customers data was safe, accessible and secure.

When you select one of our cloud storage plans, your data is stored on Amazon’s AWS Cloud, which stores your data throughout multiple facilities - This ensures 99.9999% availability.

All data stored is encrypted with 256 AES SSL data transfer ad 256 AES at-rest encryption.


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