Laptops and desktops are used for a wide range of activities, from browsing the web, checking emails and word processing. But as you use your laptop more and more it can start to become full, from both background items such as cookies and cache or personal documents, this can cause the device to start to run slow.

Our tune-up service gets rid of these annoying background items so we can properly enhance your system to it’s peak potential.

What do we do?

System cleanup


We run our special tools that search through all files and programs on your system, anything that it finds is redundant it will remove, this includes extra installation files when installing new software, blank files, old web browser information, cache, internet history and much more.

Bloatware removal

When manufacturing new computers, some of the manufacturers are incentivised to install extra software which often does nothing to improve the user experience. A lot of pre-installed software takes up space on your machine, loads during boot, and slows it down. You might notice a lot of them open as the computer is turning on, though often they hide in the background. Our tune-up gets rif of these to help your computer perform optimally.

Advanced Disk Check

One of the main reasons why your computer is running slow, could be the internal hard disk drive failing. As mechanical devices, they wear down with use, and in some cases become a ticking time bomb with your important documents and photographs at risk. Our advanced hard disk drive tests whole drive and gives us advanced warning of impending failures.

Ready for a Tune-up?

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