Data Recovery

When a computer stops working it can often lock away important documents and files. It may the only copy of irreplaceable family photographs, or it may be where you keep all your business records.

Firstly - don’t panic, and don’t attempt computer recovery options without knowledge of what you’re doing, or you may lose your information forever.

Burntwood Computer Centre can recover files easily from computers with operating system faults, and restore them to their original location. This operation is trickier if you’re hard drive is failing, or has been wiped, but our experienced technicians will do everything possible to retrieve your data.

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Forensic Data Recovery

If your Hard Disk has failed completely, it may not be possible to recover your data in-store. For such occasions, your drive may need to be sent away for forensic data recovery, which involves stripping your drive down to component level and re-building by hand. This process is specialised and time-consuming, and we’ll always provide you with an estimate of the costs before we send your drive away.

Types of Storage

Desktop and Laptop Hard Drives

Desktop and Laptop Hard Drives don’t deal with shock very well, this can be cause by bumps or while moving your desktop or laptop around. While this is the case general hardware failure can occur causing your drive to simply stop working, this can be from over use or even general wear.

Server/Raid data

Recovering data from these type of systems can be an extremely difficult task and sometimes impossible, however forensic data specialists have developed methods to try and re assemble high-performance RAIDs. Whether your RAID is striped, mirrored or striped with parity our third party forensic data recovery specialists can use their devolved methods to try and recover your data.

Flash Drives and SD cards

Not all data is stored on Hard Drives, flash drives and SD cards are a great way to store and move data however data loss can still happen. Whether it's a hardware error or mechanical damage your data can be retrieved, due to the size of the media sources specialist equipment needs to be used to ensure the maximum amount of data can be retrieved.

Solid State Drives

Although Solid State Drives can handle shock and stress better due to not having any mechanical/moving parts they can still break. SSDs use NAND-based flash memory that doesn’t “forget” what was stored on it, specialised tools and software are used to retrieve this data.

Extra Information

Types of retrievable data

You store a lot of information on your media devices, here is a list of information and documents that can be retrieved

  • Videos

  • Photographs

  • Documents (Including all types of Microsoft Office files)

  • Spreadsheets

  • Databases

  • Emails and attachments within them


Operating Systems

Data could be from an old laptop or an old business PC meaning there are many different operating systems that data needs to be retrieved from. For Windows data can be retrieved from Windows 95 and anything after, all versions of Mac OS can be accessed, as well as Novell, Linux and Unix.

In store backup


At Burntwood Computer Centre we offer data retrieval in store. We have software that will grab any data from the user profiles associated to your PC, we then store and keep the data in our secure server till a decision is made about what you would like to do with it. This can be on your original laptop after a reload of the system, a new laptop or a External Storage device (USB, External Drive). Once the job has been collected and left the shop, we keep the data stored for two weeks to make sure you have time to check everything you needed is there. If you feel like anything is missing we can restore all the data again or search for a specific file. We also have a range of different backup option starting from just £29.99. Click HERE to find out more about our backups.

Forensic Data Recovery

If we are unable to retrieve any data or the drive is unable to load any information, the next step would be to send your drive off to forensic specialists. They are able to do more with the physical hardware even if its replacing the parts or reading the disk manually this way they have a higher chance of getting “lost” data back.


Even though ourselves and our 3rd party will try and access and retrieve your data, there is a change the hardware is already too far damaged making it impossible to get it.

Has your storage device stopped working or is throwing up errors?

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