Workshop Revamp

You might have seen the unfortunate news that the ATM which we had in the wall opposite the White Swan has been removed due to Notemachine insisting that we host the machine for free. However, every cloud has a silver lining! With the removal of the ATM, our workshop had room to expand. By having more space in the workshop, we will now be able to get a larger quantity of jobs started at the same time, reducing waiting times for customers, and allowing our technicians to work more efficiently.


Removal of ATM


Notemachine, The provider of the ATM which we have in the wall opposite The White Swan, have notified us that they are going to vary our contract. This means instead of the small rent we get every month, we will have to host the machine for free - and continue to pay for the electric that powers it. The machine is never in service long enough to enable us to earn a commission, so we have hosted it for the rent alone for the past 3 years. The removal of this rent, means it will actually cost us to host the machine - this is something which we are not prepared to do. We have asked them to remove the machine. Once this ATM is removed, the sole ATM at Swan Island will be at Megabet (next door to the Co-Op). If this machine goes out of service, the next nearest through the wall ATM machine will be at Co-Op Morley Road. We understand this is a facility that many people rely upon, but unfortunately we are not in a position, or the mindset to subsidise this global, multi-million pound company. We apologise for the inconvenience this will invariably cause.


Not convinced by SSDs? Let’s change your mind.

Check out the video to the right, to see just how much difference an SSD can make in your machine. The left video shows a laptop with a standard Hard Disk Drive (HDD), while the video to the right shows the same laptop, with a brand new Solid State Drive installed.