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Burntwood Computer Centre offer a cost effective Apple repair service. Our technicians have a wealth of experience with Apple repairs, as well as all the required tools and equipment to do a quality job.

It’s no secret, that Apple make some of the most seriously desirable computer hardware. It’s also not a secret, it can be seriously expensive to purchase, and repair when it goes wrong.

Although you have the option to take it to an Apple store, their location often means a many mile round trip, and the requirement to book an appointment in advance.

Burntwood Computer Centre have a wealth of experience with Apple hardware, we’re on your doorstep, and you don’t need an appointment!

iMac and Macbook


Apple still support some of the oldest Macs and even have some of them on the latest version of Mac OS, however they can start to slow down and freeze due to the hardware limitations that may arise. Like Windows machines, we have found replacing standard Hard Disk Drives with Solid State Drives can vastly improve the speed on load and boot times, giving these computers a longer life.

As well as this, Apple iMacs and Macbooks also experience similar issues to Windows machines - for example Hard Disk failure and malware infections. We are happy to provide diagnostics and repair services for these types of issues.

If during the course of the repair, we discover that the only way to obtain parts is through Apple themselves, we’ll let you know and you need only pay our diagnostic charge.

iPad and iPhone

As technology experts we can also help with software problems and setup on Apple iPad and iPhone. We can get to the bottom of annoying glitches, set up emails, apps, or even do a crash course on the basics if you’re new to Apple’s iOS. We can also offer wipe clean reloads on Apple mobile devices, and help with your Apple ID and Password.

Burntwood Computer Centre are personal computer and technology experts. Due to their complex and specialised nature, we’ve taken the decision not to provide hardware repair on Apple iPhones or iPads, such as cracked screens, or broken charging ports.

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Is your iCloud a mystery? Have no idea of your ID, password, or where your photos disappear to? Does two factor authentication cause complete confusion? Fear not! Burntwood Computer Centre are iCloud pros and can help you master it.

Need help with your Apple product?

If you’re having any problems or struggling to find your way around a MacBook, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our technicians have a lot of experience with Apple products and will do everything they can help you out. If you have an enquiry, feel free to call us on 01543 624500. Alternatively, you may wish to fill out the below contact form with your enquiry, and one of our technicians will be in touch as soon as possible.

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