We need to talk about storage. Not particularly exciting - we know - but it’s where your all-important photographs, documents, study work (you get the gist) is kept. We keep all the major storage mediums in stock, from memory sticks for quick backups and moving documents easily, to SD Cards for digital cameras, to good old fashioned Hard Drives, and finally the latest solid state drives.


SD Cards

Always in stock from only £8.49

Extra storage for your phone or camera for all your precious pictures. We keep up to 64gb in-stock, from Kingston for ultimate reliability.

USB Memory Sticks

Always in stock from only £6.49!

The ever-handy USB Memory stick. Robust, portable. We keep all sizes in stock from 16gb to 128gb, from the industry leaders Kingston & Toshiba.

Kingston 64GB.png
Kingston 64GBSD.png

Solid State Drives

Blazingly fast, Solid State Drives (SSD) use NAND flash memory that is stable and will last longer than a generic hard drive. With no moving parts they offer huge decreases in boot time, and performance boosts everywhere else. We keep everything from 120gb upwards in stock.

Hard Disk Drives

Huge sizes for less money, overtaken in performance by modern solid state drives, you can’t beat a Hard Disk for bang-for-buck storage in your desktop PC. In your laptop, unless you have more than one space, we recommend a larger solid state drive.


External & Portable Drives


Always in stock from only £45.99

Perfect for a variety of uses, including backups, extra storage for your computer, or even for use with your Smart TV to record programmes, we stock compact and portable USB Hard Disk Drives that require only a USB port to both power and transfer data.


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