Remote Support

Although we love dealing with customers face to face, sometimes we can offer a super-fast and convenient fix by taking over your computer to remotely repair faults.

With a remote session, you don't have to bring down your computer for us to have a look, instead we’ll guide you to install some secure remote software that will allow us to gain assess to your computer with no hassle.

Just give us a call and we can arrange a remote session! Please note that as we need a sustained internet connection in order to connect to you, we’re unable to repair internet faults via a remote session.

Common faults fixed with remote support

Microsoft Outlook problems

Microsoft Outlook is a great piece of software used to collect your emails in one place, however sometimes data-files get corrupted, or you’ll find your email server settings need updating. Our remote support technicians can usually fix these problems quickly, and conveniently.

Software installation & Setup

Printer Setup.png

You would think that installing and setting up software is simple, unfortunately it can be a hassle to set specific programs up correctly. With our remote sessions we can install and set up and software you need as long as the credentials or any other information is provided.

BullGuard Internet Security Installation & Renewal

Have you purchased Bullguard Internet Security from us, or is your existing licence ready for renewal? With a remote session, we can install your BullGuard product remotely, and update your subscription to ensure your computer is protected from malware and any other malicious programs.

Printer Configuration

Printers can be complex to install, and can be sensitive to network changes. Sometimes settings can be altered by Windows updates or user error which blocks new print jobs. We can help by checking the settings, and clearing any blockages.


No Internet?

Although our Remote Support service is a quick and simple way to sort out problems, it needs a working internet connection to let us dial in. If you have no internet, your first port of call is your internet service provider (ISP). If they say the problem is internal, then you might need a visit from us to help find the fault. Check-out our Callouts page to find out more.

Sometimes faults on your Laptop or Desktop can disrupt your connection to the internet, making it impossible to resolve your problem. If this is the case, we may ask you to drop down the device to our workshop where we can complete a full diagnostic.

Remote Support Session - only £25!

Ready to solve that computer gremlin with our help? For only £25.00 per half hour, one of our friendly technicians can dial on to your computer and get it sorted. Give us a call on 01543 624500, or fill out the contact form below, and we’ll contact you!

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