Supercharge Package


NEW!! When purchasing a new laptop, consider our supercharge service, which aims to give your brand new laptop a speed boost from the get-go. As part of the package, you also receive an extra amount of storage and the in-store setup is included in the price.

What does this include?

Our supercharge package includes three services:

Kingston SSD.jpg

Solid State Drive Installation

Solid State Drives are significantly faster than Hard Disk Drives due to how they read and write information – click here to learn more! As part of our supercharge package, we will replace the existing Hard Disk inside your new laptop with a brand new Solid State Drive. You can even choose the storage space you’d like on your new SSD – 120gb, 240gb, 480gb, and even larger SSDs can be sourced upon request.

external hdd case.png

Turn your old Hard Disk into an external Hard Drive!

It would be a shame to waste the Hard Disk that we remove from the laptop after installing the SSD – therefore, as part of our supercharge package, we turn the old Hard Disk into an external Hard Drive and setup automated regular backup images of your laptop, so that you always have an option to recover your data should anything go wrong.


In-Store Setup

Our in-store setup service allows us to get your PC ready for you to use. We complete the annoying, tedious tasks such as Windows Updates and Drivers to ensure your PC is on the most up to date version it can be. We are also able to install and set up any software that you may have, set up emails, and anything else you may need.

Only £134.99!

Interested in our Secure package on top of this? Fully optimise your machine with our Secure & Supercharge bundle offer for only £199.99!

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